22k Gold India Jewelry

22k gold india jewelry : Gold celtic cross necklace.

22k Gold India Jewelry

22k gold india jewelry


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22k gold india jewelry – Antiqued 22K

Antiqued 22K Gold Plated Hamsa Hand Pendant Charm 21mm (1)
Antiqued 22K Gold Plated Hamsa Hand Pendant Charm 21mm (1)
Genuine 22K Gold Plated Pewter. 21mm Hamsa Hand Pendant or Charm. Lead-free TierraCast Pewter. Quantity of 1. . This lead-free pewter charm is plated with 22K Gold in an antiqued finish. Detailed hand charm, same design on both sides of charm. Indian style henna tattoo design. Can be used as a small pendant or large charm. Quantity: 1 Measurement: 20mm long incl. loop, 13mm Wide, 2.7mm Thick. 2mm Hole./li> TierraCast Pewter is made in the USA, using Lead Free Pewter that exceeds both the CPSC standard and the new California law regulating children’s jewelry content.


Best seen in larger size over dark background (click image above)

It’s only hand made jewelry in 22K gold and diamonds, very commonplace in India, not at all expensive.

LOL. I have no idea what these things cost, but I suspect they cost more than a Carl Zeiss Makro Planar 2/100 lens.

Seen in Bengaluru (Bangalore), and made in Chennai, India. The earrings are hanging off a T-shaped stand inside a little velvet lined box with doors on either side that open and close shut. In hindsight, I should have taken a shot of it showing the full box.

Nikon D700 + Carl Zeiss Makro Planar T* 2/100

Jewelry Store Bling

Jewelry Store Bling
India is known for its bright 22K gold. We went to a nice jewelry store one night and were blinded by the wall displays like this one. Many families were purchasing jewelry on the night we went because of the upcoming Tamil New Year.
22k gold india jewelry

22k gold india jewelry

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